Dallas Boudoir is the modern beauty side of Jeremy Gilliam Photography, our goal is to provide a fun, empowering, relaxed atmosphere where you can let loose and create exciting images. You will love our custom Boudoir albums and fully retouched prints for:

  • Wedding day gift
  • Birthdays and Anniversarys
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Celebrating weight loss
  • Feeling like a top model for a day

Your Experience: We want you to have a great time making beautiful images, in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and where you feel beautiful. You will be given ideas and posing directions for tasteful photographs that will look like they came directly from fashion ads or a high end glamour magazine.

Your Body: You will look absolutely beautiful in our photographs. Many of our clients express concern that their body doesn’t look like the girls on our website. We do not have any models on the website, and each of them had the same concerns. Our professional team knows how to make you look your best; we celebrate and capture the beauty in each one of our subjects. Our job is to make you proud of the images we create.

Boudoir Party: Invite friends along to have a boudoir session on the same day.

  • Receive a discount off of products ordered for each person in your party
  • Share the cost of an awesome location
  • Have the sexiest Bridal party pictures of anyone you know
  • Share the experience with friends

Location: Sessions are done at Lofty Spaces, Off the Grid, your home, or sometimes a modern or boutique hotel suite.

What to Bring: You will want to bring several lingerie and clothing options to choose from during the session. Lingerie is not provided.

Who to Bring: You are free to bring whoever you would like as long as you feel they would not distract you or the photographer. In our experience, parents, boyfriends, husbands and some friends can be distracting and cause you to feel self conscious. Most of the time we recommend to just bring yourself to create the best images.

Your Privacy: Your privacy and comfort is of the highest importance to us. Your images will never be accessible to the general public without your express consent. Permission is always obtained before an image is used for the website and print portfolios. The only people at the session will be those you bring along as well as the photographer and a female assistant.